ME-ICA: Multi-Echo Independent Components Analysis

The meica pipeline handles preprocessing and analysis of multi-echo functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data and is distributed as open-source software.


When using ME-ICA, please include the following citations:

Kundu, P., Brenowitz, N.D., Voon, V., Worbe, Y., Vertes, P.E., Inati, S.J., Saad, Z.S., Bandettini, P.A. & Bullmore, E.T. (2013). Integrated strategy for improving functional connectivity mapping using multiecho fMRI. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110, 16187–16192.

Kundu, P., Inati, S.J., Evans, J.W., Luh, W.M. & Bandettini, P.A. (2011). Differentiating BOLD and non-BOLD signals in fMRI time series using multi-echo EPI. NeuroImage, 60, 1759-1770.

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